Thursday, March 08, 2007

What?! Another contest?! With free stuff??? Who - what - where - how - and when.....

Xmoor Studios ( has a contest running over at and we're giving away some free Galtow merchandise:
"Mania is happy to announce our latest contest, a giveaway of various merchandise from the comic Galtow. Prizes include: One Galtow bust, three copies of an autographed issue of Galtow #1, a Galtow t-shirt and Galtow hat."

Interested? Email to enter and include Galtow somewhere in the subject/body of the email!
That's all you have to do to win!!!
Good luck to all.


Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Man, great stuff. I looked at your website and am completely befuddled. You're very talented.

I'd like to try sculpting myself and maybe try to make a toy out of the sculpt. Do you know what kind of sculpting material is preferable?

Thanks for posting so much great stuff!

END said...

Thanks for stopping by - If you're a beginner I'd say start with the Super Sculpey pink polymer baking clay - if you prefer soft clay (or the new Sculpey grey firm for harder clay). You will also need a armature wire to build your sculpt on as well. Check out some of my sculpting tutorials here (the Batboy one is for beginners):