Monday, March 26, 2007

Found this on Jpidgeon's blog - a really nice pic of my old Capt. Fred toy sculpt from the Mcfarlane Beatles yellow Submarine line I worked on a bunch of years back. This was a chase figure I'm really surprised was released at all at the time...Jeff had some really nice things to say about the line - thanks Jeff!...(quoted below the image) - I'm glad people really liked that Yellow Submarine line as I had a great time working on them with my old buddy Rick over at the old FunHaus...

J_pidgeon on flickr says -
I was ecstatic when McFarlane Toys announced a line of Yellow Submarine
figures - I love the film's design, and the prototype stills treated the
character models like holy writ. The line completely lived up its promise,
and my only disappointment was than it didn't go beyond two series of toys.
There were so many more cool characters and creatures to make!

The Beatle figures were all paired with a supporting character - Musicland had an
exclusive two-figure blister featuring Paul McCartney and Old Fred, the
captain of the titular ship. The sculpt here is terrific, and the paint work,
while a little spotty, is generally fine. Fortunately, the designs made for
meaty figures that stand well and won't sag over time.

Check out Jeff's awesome pics on his blog here:

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