Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Revenant in color!!!
Doug McCord is the first to take a shot at painting up a Revenant bust - and as you can see from the results he was not fooling around (great job Doug!!!)...this is the first of many different color schemes to come for this bust. Since it's a "paint it yourself" garage kit who knows what will show up down the road.

More full color images can be seen here:

The webcomic it's based on can be read here:

Dave Flora's Comicspace site:

The Revenant bust kit is now available for pre-order. For more info hit Dave (daveflora1968@yahoo.com) or myself (eric@goldmane.net) up via email. The Revenant bust kit retails for $65 (plus S&H) and will be very limited.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My next project from GoldMane Entertainment is:

“The Revenant!!!” - A resin kit sculpted by myself and produced by GoldMane Entertainment (www.goldmane.net). The sculpt is based off of a ghostly occult detective created by artist Dave Flora and featured in the noir webcomic “Tales of the Revenant”, currently hosted on DrunkDuck
(http://www.drunkduck.com/Tales_of_the_Revenant/?p=132906])....This beautiful, 6 1/2 inch tall 3-piece kit cast in a light grey resin includes great box art with a certificate of authenticity signed by both Dave Flora and myself (and a step by step booklet showing how the sculpt was made). It‘s priced at $65, and can be primed and painted or, since the webcomic is in a moody black and white, it can be enjoyed right out of the box!

If you are interested in purchasing one of these garage kits, feel free to email either Eric or David at - eric@goldmane.net or - daveflora1968@yahoo.com

Dave Flora's blog:
Dave Flora's Comicspace:
Devart page:

This is the second garage kit I have ever produced and the followup to the Xmoor Studios Keylon Jakes Galtow Warrior prepainted bust (still on sale in the online store at www.xmoorstudios.com...)

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Buzz Carney vinyl toy makes his television debut on the hot TV show - Miami Ink!!! The episode titled..."Staff,Staff,Staff" will air again on July 3rd @ 8pm!!! Luk Mah - wheeze orn TEE VEE!!!

You can see more images here on Jared Deal's blog:
Harriet!!! Come out and pla - ay!!!