Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SECOND PLACE!!! - aint that bad....
Andy Heng over at the finally recieved his second place prize for entring our Xmoor Studios draw Galtow characters contest. Talented devil made a comic strip showing the arrival of the rare Grey Maquette version of the Keylon Jakes bust...he took a lot of nice pictures too - check them out here:

This one was my favorite. Congratulations Andy!!!
(He's got a hot little blog there too so make sure to go check it out!)

Also - Rob and I are currently updating the website so it may be down for a bit (got a lot of new stuff to put on there, so please be patient...soon, soon) - got some interesting news coming....

1 comment:

toysrevil said...

thanks for the kind words and plug dude! t'was my utter pleasure to snap pics of the awesome bust, i kid you not :)

wish i had a better camera tho LOL :p