Thursday, June 09, 2011

Xmoor Studios needs your support! Hey all - Rob Garrett and I have posted up a project fundraiser at IndiGoGo and we're trying to raise some funds to finish off our indie publishing flagship title Galtow. We have four issues completed and have compiled those into a full color trade paperback and we need help finishing off the last two issues. Take a look at our IndiGoGo fundraiser HERE and if you have any questions we can be contacted at xmoor2(@) and eric(@) I was also asked by Rob to adjust some poster art I created a while back for Galtow to make it into a signed pitch cover. Below is the newly adjusted line art and I will post a pic of the full color version soon being digitally colored by the uber talented Julian Aguilera. I have never been asked to do cover art before and I hope my first shot will be well received. Thank you all for any and all support as Rob G. and I will continue to put our best creative feet forward and strive to continually make exciting projects!

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