Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finally! Working with KALANI GAMES we have been able to put together a game play test animation for our GALTOW video game promotion mastered by our production partner KALANI GAMES.
Xmoor Studios is currently looking for a video production game company to take on our flagship indie comic book title GALTOW as a major game ready for the masses. So help us out and pass the link along and lets keep the word of mouth moving forwards... And those video game companies looking for a up and coming intellectual property contact us at
xmoor2(@).com and eric(@)

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Henry Blackshear said...

Hey Eric this is Henry

Just checked out the Galtow GCI animation for your Game production.
The animation is looking good. I hope thing work out for your team.

Was hoping I could have gotten a hold of you earlier.
There was a 30 year class reunion on Saturday that just passed on the 11th.
I just read your page and I see you there was a show airing with you being interviewed that day.
I was trying to find it but couldn't.
The four Girls from Unique Crew came Dedra Mayra Vanessa and a fourth I couldn't remember.
Mack was there, Alvin, Kirby, Alison, Butch, Mark Anthony and so many others.
Mark is actually in NJ he owns a film production called Man of Mystery films.
I don't remember you email so I sent the link to Maritza to show you the picture. Stay in contact.