Friday, July 09, 2010

Welcome to a day in the artist's life post # 1. Today's post is for a Revenant/Ghost zero resin bust order that went out today (yes we have a few left and we still sell them). Dave Flora the writer creator of Ghost Zero needed to fill a order for a sale but sold out of all of his copies (of the bust I sculpted up for him) so I shipped out one from my batch to keep him covered. On to the good stuff!

1 - 2 Shred up some black, gray and white paper to make the ghostly confetti - well the Ghost Zero comics are in black and white after all Makes sense to me. You can order Dave Flora's books online here and here. I love these books and I'm sure you will too.
3 - 6 Cut out printed custom box, fold it and glue it up. My trusty Elmers Glue has never let me down, good stuff.
7 - 8 Add in one handy dandy step by step mini printed booklet of the actual bust in progress - all the way to completion! Extra treats are always good and make the customers happy.
9 - How about that? A certificate of authenticity signed by the writer creator Dave Flora and myself as sculptor/producer right on the back of the box! Dave and I can be quite clever when we want to be...
10 - Pack everything up and fill and layer everything up with some ghostly confetti as filler and it's a wrap.
Thanks for reading!

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