Monday, September 28, 2009

GALTOW is now on iTunes!!! Book 1 Directors Cut from Xmoor Studios is now available.

I just got this press release from Rob G. -

"We are smiling as we make the leap to digital seeing as how the market and Diamond have made it harder for an independent publisher to survive in this industry, we knew that the download applications would be the only way to keep our goals viable. It’s with a sigh of relief and a accumulation of several months but we are now moving forward.
So here’s the link to GALTOW Book 1 Director’s Cut:

For those of you who have our black and white original first book we offer you a full color version along with new dialogue and some rearrangement of sequences... it reads slightly different and may reveal a few things to those who have read the original book. To those who have never read GALTOW… welcome aboard and enjoy the adventures of our heroes Jiya, Keylon and Wu as they navigate a gladiatorial world where only the strongest will survive. We hope you like our comic and look forward to GALTOW Director’s Cut Book 2."
Welcome to the Age of GALTOW!

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