Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Carnival Cartoons vinyl toy family just got a little bigger!!! From the exclusive Proto - Monday post up on Vinyl Pulse:

"Pierce and Dogboy are the Carney family mischief makers! Pierce is the quintessential bratty younger brother, and Dogboy is Pierce's pal, a loving pet, and... a fur covered wingman! Pierce relishes his gross-out gig as "The Human Pincushion" in the family sideshow act. (He's got more holes than a boardwalk put-put course). When Dogboy isn't doing double duty as the family's household hound, and Pierce's partner in crime, he wows the crowds at Barker's sideshow with his furry face and outrageous animal antics!"

I really enjoy translating Jared Deal's 2D art to 3D sculptural form - the guy's got his own style and it's a nice challenge to bring them to life. I've seen his colorways for these new guys and they're quite stunning.

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