Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The ECBACC convention this past weekend in Philadelphia turned out to be quite a success. We sold out of all the advance issues of Galtow #3, color tshirts and posters we brought with us. We almost sold out of issue #2 (again) and even issue #1. The response to the Xmoor properties was tremendous and I just want to say a big THANK YOU!!! to everyone that attended and supported us this far. The convention was packed all day and had a really good line up featuring DC comic's Eric Battle (who I got to talk shop with - an immensely talented and all around great guy!) Kyle Baker and Dwane McDuffie. I got to also catch up with my old buddy Taimak (played Bruce Leroy in The Last Dragon) and you know I dropped a GoldMane tshirt and cinchbag on him (said he'd wear the tshirt too, hehe). So yeah - issue #3 of Galtow is finally now available!!!
Up next - Wizard World Philly!!! I think I'm starting to really like downtown Philadelphia....

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Saturday May 19 - Philadelphia...East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention. Got a table there with Robert Garrett and we'll be hawking some Xmoor Studio books and merchandise. Issue #3 of Galtow will finally be available along with a healthy 2nd printing of the sold out issue #2 (and issue #1). For more info and the guest/exhibitor list - www.ecbacc.com

Coming soon - "Parts Unkown"....from-

Friday, May 11, 2007

Garage Kits!!!
Been a while since I did one but it looks like The Revenant bust sculpt (based on Dave Flora's hit online webstrip The Haunted Tales of the Revenant) will be available to own very soon. Thes kits will be produced by GoldMane Entertainment in conjunction with Dave Flora mid to late 2007...We're working on what these guys will go for pricewise and looks like there will be only 20 for now. We may even do a pre-order since so few will be available...we'll see.

They will come with signed certificates of authenticity by Dave Flora "artist etraordinaire" and myself...some assembly will be required and you'll have to paint it yourself - or don't - since we're looking to do them in a nice grey resin. When? Stay tuned!

Check out Dave Flora's blog:

...and The Haunted - Tales of the Revenant online webstrip (warning...it's very addictive!):

Want to see more images of the bust?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dagnabbit robot toy getting a lot of mileage, LOL. That Hernandez version is killer and I don't know who oooOOOooo is but that skeleton design is wicked! I think I want those two...hehe - images swiped from the hottest blog going right now (go Andy go Andy, hehe) - Check his blog out here: