Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The ECBACC convention this past weekend in Philadelphia turned out to be quite a success. We sold out of all the advance issues of Galtow #3, color tshirts and posters we brought with us. We almost sold out of issue #2 (again) and even issue #1. The response to the Xmoor properties was tremendous and I just want to say a big THANK YOU!!! to everyone that attended and supported us this far. The convention was packed all day and had a really good line up featuring DC comic's Eric Battle (who I got to talk shop with - an immensely talented and all around great guy!) Kyle Baker and Dwane McDuffie. I got to also catch up with my old buddy Taimak (played Bruce Leroy in The Last Dragon) and you know I dropped a GoldMane tshirt and cinchbag on him (said he'd wear the tshirt too, hehe). So yeah - issue #3 of Galtow is finally now available!!!
Up next - Wizard World Philly!!! I think I'm starting to really like downtown Philadelphia....

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