Friday, December 14, 2007

Welcome to the Official GoldMane Entertainment News blog!!!
Starting today I will be using this blog page for all news updates and info for my company GoldMane Entertainment (and Xmoor Studios!).

The NEWS button on my Goldmane website will send everyone here starting asap - this is a much faster way for me to add information since I have so many things planned for 2008 and want to post up sneak peeks of works in progress, tutorials, 2D artworks, shows I'll be attending and all my Xmoor Studios (indie comic book publishing company that publishes Galtow) endeavours as well. There will hopefully be some big changes and happenings for GoldMane in 2008 (and Xmoor Studios too!)

Just want to say thanks to all my friends, clients, associates and family for their unwavering support in 2007. It was a interesting year for me as I got to break out and do some of the things
I always wanted to do artistically for a very long time now.
On that, I'll close with my favorite phrase:

"Passion...will build you bridges from nowhere - to somewhere..."


Dave_Flora said...

Oh Hot DAMN! I can't wait to see what's in the works, fella. Best of luck with the new!

END said...

Thanks man. GZ rules!!!