Saturday, November 11, 2006

I started posting up a step by step on how I sculpted up the Galtow Warrior bust on my Deviantart site: in the SCRAPS section. Here's a 2D image of the Keylon Jakes character from the Galtow comic book series written and created by Robert Garrett and illustrated by the uber talented Patrick David (issues 1 and 2 only):

Above is the cover to issue one. Robert Garrett and I will be dropping isue 3 with an all new art team very soon. We also put out a limited full color ten page teaser that's currently on sale at MidTown Comics and a few other select comic shops around NYC.
Here's a pic of the finished bust featured in the step by step:

Keep an eye out soon for the big art contest when we'll be giving away a "special version" of this bust to the winner. Wanna win one?


g-fifty said...

cool stuff eric! Nice pic below as well.Keep up the kickass work dude!

Alina Chau said...


END said...

Thanky thanky!!!