Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So many awesome toys n stuff debuted at the con this year and you know I rolled up my sleeves and got some while the getting was good. Here's some of my comic con haul (some of which did not make it out the building with me...)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I had a blast at this years con even though I didn't have a table in Artist Alley (con powers that be had lost our application -WTF?! or should I say - yeah riiiiiight!!!) with Robert Garrett doing our usual Xmoor studios shindig. But I got to catchup with some biz associates and good peeps like my pals Lesean Thomas (we couldn't walk like 5 feet without him getting interviewed or stopped by fans and friends - way to go man, way to go), Erick Scarecrow (who's Liberty toy SOLD THE F*$K OUT!!! at the show - Congrats man!) and Manny Galan! (Dookie Poo rules!!!) Got me some awesome swagg and Kaching/Mindstyle was gracious enough to host the Galtow Warrior bust in their glass case display (big ups to MD for the prime real estate hook up!!! ) Shucks - I even dropped the gold exclusive ESC Toy version up in there - which MD is now proud owner of...rumor has it next years show will be even bigger and in a warmer month?! I hope to hell so - it was dagnabit cold as a witches you-know-what on Saturday morning!!! I heard the line to get in went all the way up to the Bronx! No way!

Big ass crowd everywhere all 3 days!!!

Can't keep Galtow out the show!!! Best set up was the Kaching/Mindstyle booth...bad ass black tent!

Big dog Lesean holding down the Midtown booth signing - all the sketchbooks sold out! I didn't even get one - WTF?!

Liberty vinyl toy - Sold Out!!! I don't want to say I told you but hey - I told you so!!!

Big dog Manny G! Killin em with the funniest character out right now - Dookie Poo! Want to laugh? Go to the Dookie Poo blog and that's that!
Part 2 next!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

TOY FAIR 2007!!!
The Plasticandplush site ( had some nice images of round two of the FLCL Canti robot done up in some new crazy designs for 2007 for Ka-Ching Brands. The Toytoons site ( had some great coverage of the Toy Tokyo booth with a nice shot of Kano's MoneyGrip toy.